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Housing Office and ICU Service Co., Ltd. will help students to find suitable accommodation during their stay. There are on-campus and off-campus housing options available. A housing booklet or documents, which contains comprehensive information, will be sent to accepted students who will come to ICU starting in the fall term along with the official acceptance letter in May and the deadline for on-campus application is usually in June.

1. On Campus Dormitories

ICU has 8 dormitories, and one co-ed short-term residence for visiting faculty and students on campus. In addition, two new dormitories will open in April 2017.

We cannot guarantee on-campus dormitories for all exchange/invitee students, and it can be competitive to get a room on campus because of the limited number of places.

Screening of dormitory applications will not be done on the “first come, first-served basis,” but will be done carefully based on your application documents, which will be sent as part of acceptance packets in May. Application deadline is early June.

*Note: Only full year students can apply for on-campus Dormitories. Short-term students have a choice of living in the co-ed short-term residence (Dialogue House) or arranging an apartment or other types of housing off campus by themselves or through ICU Service, Ltd.

Dormitory Admission Fee (AY2016): 56,000 YEN
Monthly Rent (AY2016): 25,750 YEN - 51,350 YEN

For more information about the dormitories, please refer to the following website:

2. Off-Campus Student Residences (Gakusei Kaikan)

Gakusei Kaikan, off-campus student residences, are dormitory style student housing facilities operated by Kyoritsu Maintenance Co., Ltd.

*Residence "father and mother" live and manage each residence.
*The rooms (mostly single rooms) are furnished with an air-conditioner, a bed, a chair, a desk, a closet, a bookshelf, a telephone and an internet line (optical connection).
*Breakfast and dinner are provided except for Sundays and national holidays.
*Bath, toilet, kitchen and laundry facilities are shared.

More detailed information and an application form will be provided after you are accepted in May.

Estimated cost per month: 50,000 YEN -100,000 YEN (including two meals per day)

Shiki-kin (refundable deposit), rei-kin (non-refundable key money) and other fees such as water, gas, and electrical utilities will be usually charged additionally.

For more information;

3. Homestay

Living with a Japanese family enables you to daily experience Japanese culture and to practice Japanese.

Please refer to for the detals.

If you wish to stay with a host family, you need to submit the application form which is provided after you are accepted.

*Two meals per day, five to seven days a week, are usually provided.
*Each family has a different type of room and house facilities. A furnished combined study and bed room of about 9 to 13 square meters is usually provided.

Estimated cost per month: Around 90,000 YEN (including two meals per day)

4. Apartments

If you would like to live in an apartment, ICU Service Co., Ltd. will introduce the English speaking real estate agents who will help you to find a suitable accommodation.

For more details, please refer to

Estimated cost per month: 70,000 YEN - 94,000 YEN

Please note that most of the Japanese apartment houses are not furnished, Shiki-kin (refundable deposit), rei- kin (Non-refundable Key Money) and other fees such as water, gas, electrical utilities will be usually charged additionally.

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