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Housing Office and ICU Service Co., Ltd. will help students to find suitable accommodation during their stay. There are on-campus and off-campus housing options available. Housing information will be available in December. The deadline for on-campus housing application will be the end of March.

1. On Campus Dormitories

ICU has 9 dormitories, and one co-ed short-term residence for visiting faculty and students on campus.

We cannot guarantee on-campus dormitories for all exchange/invitee students, and it can be competitive to get a room on campus because of the limited number of places.

Screening of dormitory applications will not be done on the “first come, first-served basis,” but will be done carefully based on your application documents.

*Note: Only full year students can apply for on-campus Dormitories. Short-term students have a choice of living in the co-ed short-term residence (Dialogue House) or arranging an apartment or other types of housing off campus by themselves or through ICU Service, Ltd.

Dormitory Admission Fee (AY2017): 56,000 YEN
Monthly Rent (AY2017): 25,750 YEN - 51,350 YEN

For more information about the dormitories, please refer to the following website:

2. Off-Campus Student Residences (Gakusei Kaikan)

Gakusei Kaikan, off-campus student residences, are dormitory style student housing facilities operated by Kyoritsu Maintenance Co., Ltd.

*Residence "father and mother" live and manage each residence.
*The rooms (mostly single rooms) are furnished with an air-conditioner, a bed, a chair, a desk, a closet, a bookshelf, a telephone and an internet line (optical connection).
*Breakfast and dinner are provided except for Sundays and national holidays.
*Bath, toilet, kitchen and laundry facilities are shared.

Estimated cost per month: 50,000 YEN -100,000 YEN (including two meals per day)

Shiki-kin (refundable deposit), rei-kin (non-refundable key money) and other fees such as water, gas, and electrical utilities will be usually charged additionally.

For more information;

3. Homestay

Living with a Japanese family enables you to daily experience Japanese culture and to practice Japanese.

Please refer to for the detals.

If you wish to stay with a host family, you need to submit the application form which is provided after you are accepted.

*Two meals per day, five to seven days a week, are usually provided.
*Each family has a different type of room and house facilities. A furnished combined study and bed room of about 9 to 13 square meters is usually provided.

Estimated cost per month: Around 90,000 YEN (including two meals per day)

4. Apartments / Sharehouses

If you would like to live in an apartment, ICU Service Co., Ltd. will introduce the English speaking real estate agents who will help you to find a suitable accommodation.

For more details, please refer to

Estimated cost per month: 70,000 YEN - 94,000 YEN

Please note that most of the Japanese apartment houses are not furnished, Shiki-kin (refundable deposit), rei- kin (Non-refundable Key Money) and other fees such as water, gas, electrical utilities will be usually charged additionally.

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