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Campus Life and Facilities

Just 30 minutes from the heart of Tokyo, one of the world's largest and most cosmopolitan cities, ICU has a serene and beautiful campus of 150 wooded acres.

Currently, 36% of the full-time faculty and about 8.3% of the student body at ICU originally come from outside of Japan. ICU offers students a truly international campus life, where faculty and students from different backgrounds freely interact with each other through course works and various activities outside of the classes.

Students on ICU campus are given a variety of the extracurricular options in the arts, sports, academic, and social fields, and various events are planned and carried out by student groups throughout the year. The Student Affairs Group (SAG) assists students with the process of applying to scholarships and dormitories, advising on club activities and part-time jobs and other matters related to students' campus life.

There are also the following key facilities and services that offer bilingual services and all the exchange/invitee students have full access to.
University Dining Hall
Chapel and Religious Center
Counseling Center
Healthcare Office
Integrated Learning Center (Computers and Language Labs)
Physical Education Center (Gym and Exercise Facilities)
Post Office
Two Bank ATMs
Writing Support Center
Special Needs Support Services
The Center for Gender Studies

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