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Improvement of Facilities
ICU is rebuilding and renovating various facilities, including University Hall, Science Hall, physical education facilities, athletic grounds, dorms and faculty residences. some of which currently exist in the form they were built shortly after the university was founded.

Conserving the Natural Environment on Campus
ICU's 620,000-square meter campus is among the largest of its kind in Tokyo. This project helps preserve this asset of incomparable value.

Named Rooms Project
Gifts in support of facilities may be used to honor someone by allowing donors to name rooms and lounges in ICU's three new dormitories or the Kiyoshi Togasaki Memorial Dialogue House. Gifts are expected to be commensurate to the size of the space to be named. Check here for details.
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Artificial Turf Field
Upon receiving a request from the "Artificial Turf Promotion Committee" formed by mainly alumni, ICU and the Committee started the project as part of the 60th Anniversary Campaign.

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ICU Peace Bell Scholarships
A system unique to ICU supported mostly by alumni, Peace Bell Scholarships started with the image of passing a lit torch along from one generation to the next. undergraduate students apply for the scholarships before entering the university and receive aid for all four years of their study.
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General Scholarships
ICU provides financial aid for students in consideration of their academic performance and financial need.

For Students Affected by Tohoku Earthquake
ICU promotes fundraising to offer a system for special support for students who were affected by the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami on 11 March 2011.
icon Donations for Students Affected by the Tohoku Earthquake

Other Projects
icon Supporting the Hachiro Yuasa Memorial Musuem
icon Supporting the ICU Library
icon Conservation of Taizanso
icon Supporting Organ Music at ICU
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