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FY2015 Sakura Replanting Project Report

Sakura Tree Replanting Project

The following is a report of Sakura Replanting Project activities in FY2015. The location of the numbered trees can be found in the chart. Tree doctors made the diagnoses between 2009 and 2012. The numbered trees can be found in the chart in the lower right-hand corner gives the diagnoses for the trees. In 2013, before the Sakura Fund started, we felled five trees (G19, G7, G8, G159, P207) for safety reasons as they were diagnosed as "Unhealthy" and replaced them with seedlings. G19 (see photo on the right) was planted to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of ICU-UC Academic Exchange.

We cut down three trees that were diagnosed as "Becoming unhealthy" because they had Fomitella Fraxinea mushrooms growing on them. The fungi are strongly pathogenic, causing butt rot leading to the felling of the affected trees. The three are marked "2015 mature tree" (B17, P203, P215) in the chart below.

The Project's Replanting plan hopes to preserve the cherry blossom tunnel in its full splendor, but with seedlings interspersed among the older trees, the canopy diminished in size. After much discussion within the university, we decided to replace the three cut down in 2015 with 8-meter grown trees to preserve the view.

The two sakura trees (G7 and G8, see photo on the right) halfway down MacLean Avenue were planted two years ago, but their growth has been slower than expected. Since they will not reach sufficient height so quickly, we have replaced them with 8-meter mature trees.

*The numbered photo was taken after the planting


In FY2015, the expenditure for the project amounted to ¥3,434,400. The details are as follows. The university covered the cost for sakura preservation in 2013, as the Sakura Fund had not yet been set up.
1. Costs for felling, uprooting and planting trees
Category Fee (JPY) Note
Felling, uprooting, and planting mature trees 1,549,800 3 trees(¥516,600 per tree)
Replacing seedlings with mature trees 583,200 2 trees(¥291,600 per tree)
Others 1,107,000 Changing the soil, removal of surplus soil, haulage costs
Total 3,240,000  

2. Seedling maintenance and growing successor trees
Category Fee (JPY) Note
Seedling maintenance 129,600 Fees for growing and maintaining seedlings
Growing successor trees 64,800 Cutting branches for grafting etc.
Total 194,400  

Partial amendment of the Sakura Tree Replanting Plan

Our initial concept for the Project was to preserve the scenery while continuing to take care of each of the 72 trees, and to plant seedlings grown from each tree. But as we reported above, there was an unexpected decrease in the volume of the blossoms. In the future, we intend to maintain the scenery by planting 6-meter mature trees instead of seedlings. With this change, we calculate the total cost of the Project to be approximately ¥36 million, including the fees for FY2015.

Two new dormitories to be opened in April 2017 started construction in summer 2015. We cut down 5 cherry trees which will be in the way of the construction. These are indicated in the chart as 「2015×」(P205, P206, P208, P209, P210). Around the same time, we moved seedling P207, which was temporarily planted to the northeast of the rotary in FY2013. We are considering replanting this tree somewhere between MacLean Avenue and the Chapel.


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