502 Alumni Association- Northern California Chapte

The ICU Alumni Association of Northern California donated to the Kiyoshi Togasaki Memorial Dialogue House as a small way of expressing how deeply our lives have been affected and enriched by our years at the University.

It was at ICU that we first learned how important it is for all people from all countries to establish and maintain a dialogue that promotes fundamental understanding and respect without regard for nationality. This goal, we hope, will continue to grow at Dialogue House as students come together to learn not just how to speak another language, but how to understand each other beyond the filter of their own experiences and cultural backgrounds.

Our group committed to making a room possible in this building as a manifestation of the thanks and debt we owe the University. ICU first taught us how to live in a world that is now far more intertwined than any of us could have imagined when we studied here on the threshold of adulthood.

You, current students, are on this same threshold and we depend on you to continue to build on the spirit of international cooperation that is a fundamental quality of ICU. Here, you will make connections and friendships that will last a lifetime, fostering a greater understanding among different people that will make this world a better place than when you first passed through the doors of this building.

Ultimately, this building is just that -- a mere building. It is what you, the students, build here that is of truly lasting value: global friendships and a continuing dialogue based on respect for each other that will help ensure that our world will be a better place not just for some, but for all. Please remember this as you begin your lives as global citizens here.

With thanks and encouragement,

The Officers of the ICU Alumni Association of Northern California

Kuniko George (1977-1981)

Asako Ihara

Yuichi Nakagawa

Lona Sato

Andrew Neuman (OYR 1984-85)
  • Etsuko and Derek Adelman
  • Haruko Mukasa
  • Ardyce Worth
  • Kuniko and Donald George
  • Samuel Nukazawa
  • Yasuyo Satoh
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