504 Sadami (Chris) Wada

Sadami (Chris) Wada (ICU Class of 1960, 4th graduating class)

Chris Wada served as one of the first Japanese lobbyists in the United States and actively engaged in and positively influenced the U.S.-Japan relationship. On behalf of Mr. Akio Morita of Sony, Chris played a key role advocating for the passage of legislation that brought a significant positive impact to Japanese industry at the time. Specifically, he lobbied for the enactment and modification of the “Unitary Tax”* law and was also involved in helping to redefine the interpretation of copyright law related to video formatting. Through his charm and grass-roots activities, Chris became one of the most well known Japanese in Washington DC and a dear friend to many U.S. politicians, including former Vice President Al Gore, Senator John D. Rockefeller IV, and former U.S. ambassador to Japan Thomas Foley, just to name a few. He even earned the trust of the gate guard at the U.S. Congress, who always smiled and always gave Chris a free pass whenever he entered the building.

No one was as passionate as Chris when he talked about the love and virtue he learned from a liberal arts education at ICU. Through his course of studies, Chris realized the beauty in the universe and cherished it throughout his life. He appreciated the professors from whom he learned during the early days of ICU. His passion, stories and love were so contagious that they spread beyond national, racial and generational boundaries and touched so many hearts. To this date, this love still lives in our heart as joyful memories of Chris Wada.

After graduating from ICU in 1960, Chris first joined Riken Optical Co., Ltd. in Japan. After a while, however, he accepted an invitation from the Department of State for a position as a simultaneous interpreter and took a leave of absence from the firm and decided to go to the U.S. Shortly after, he married Mrs. Reiko Wada who was a JAL international flight attendant at the time, and often flew between the U.S. and Japan. One day Chris met with Mr. Akio Morita and he was hired right away at Sony Corporation of America. While working his way up in the organization, Chris completed his MBA from New York University. Later, he was appointed as a Senior Vice President of Sony America in Government Affairs and was designated as Sony's in-house lobbyist. That was the beginning of his experience in Washington DC which turned out to be a huge success for the company as well as for the U.S.-Japan relationships.

Chris was known as a man of character with an irresistible charm. Unprecedented as a Japanese businessman, Chris somehow got himself involved in the film “Strawberry Road” in 1991 (the original book written by Yoshimi Ishikawa) and played a small role as a Japanese salesman (he quickly says “it’s a Sony!” in the film), co-starring with movie stars such as Ken Matsudaira. The encounter with Yoshimi Ishikawa led Chris to attempt to run for Upper House elections in Japan in 1995.

Chris also served as a president of the ICU Alumni Association of the Americas from 1992 to 1996. Under his leadership as a president of ICU-AAA, a great number of events were organized including a lecture series featuring alumni from various fields. Chris was often asked to lecture, and he shared his extraordinary stories with the alumni members in NY. In 1999, a joint fundraising campaign for Kosovo was initiated by Chris and the money raised from the campaign was handed over to Ms. Sadako Ogata in person who was the head of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees at that time. Chris also continued to contribute to the U.S.-Japan relationship after his retirement in 1995. Based upon a recommendation of Mr. Junji Kitadai (ICU graduate of 1957) who is a well-known expert on John Manjiro, Chris joined The Manjiro Society (Whitfield-Manjiro Friendship Society) and in 1996, he was appointed as a board member together with Dr. Michael Amacost, then president of the Brookings Institution in Washington DC and former Ambassador to Japan as well as a former ICU professor.

Later in his life, he devoted his passion for education and care for young people, and taught lectures such as “winning business diplomacy” at International University of Japan in Niigata as well as at the China Foreign Affairs University in Beijing as a special guest speaker. Chris suddenly passed away from a heart attack in Connecticut while he was fast-walking in the morning of June 29, 1999. Chris always loved ICU, alumni, and their families. Memories of Chris Wada will be always remembered by all of us.

* Sony History Chapter 20 http://www.sony.net/SonyInfo/CorporateInfo/History/SonyHistory/2-20.html Nikkei Business 7/12/1999 article by Koichiro Sakai, then New York Editor in Chief (ICU graduate of 1981)
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  • Akiko Abley Abley 明子(5)
  • Hiroshi Fujii 藤井 浩(4)
  • Masao Hanawa 塙 雅夫(2)
  • Yoko Hatta 八田 陽子(19)
  • Katsuko Iguchi 井口 捷子(4)
  • Keiko Iida 飯田 慧子(4)
  • Kenji Ikenouchi 池ノ内 健司
  • Terumasa Inoue 井上 光正(4)
  • Masahiko Ishizuka 石塚 雅彦(7)
  • Anafu Kaiser Kaiser 賀名生(7)
  • Morihisa Kaneko 金子 保久(4)
  • Masayoshi Katsuta 勝田 正佳(4)
  • Junji Kitadai 北代 淳二(1)
  • Masayuki Kiyokawa 清河 昌之(4)
  • Yukio Koike 小池 征男(4)
  • Keiko Kondo 近藤 圭子(6)
  • Yuriko Kuchiki 朽木 ゆり子(18)
  • Kiyoshi Kusumoto 楠本 潔(4)
  • Hisako Matsuzaki 松崎 寿子(7)
  • Yutaka Mori 森 裕(8)
  • Kazuaki Morita 盛田 和昭
  • Masahiro Niizu 新津 政博
  • Takehiko Nishikawa 西川 武彦(4)
  • Fumio Ogasawara 小笠原 文男(5
  • Hisako Ogawa 小川 寿子(6)
  • Kinichi Okuda 奥田 欣一(4)
  • Ken Ookura 大倉 研(4)
  • Yasuko Osumi 大角 泰子
  • John D. Rockefeller Ⅳ(6)
  • Katsuyoshi Saito 斎藤 勝義(13)
  • Keiko Sakamoto 坂本 恵子(12)
  • Yoshinobu Sato 佐藤 是伸(4)
  • Akira Sugiyama 杉山 明(9)
  • Itoko Suzuki 鈴木 絲子(7)
  • Toshiaki Taguchi 田口 俊明(8)
  • Renkichi Takata 高田 棟吉(6)
  • Tomoko Tanaka 田中 倶子(4)
  • Kiyoko Tomine 遠峰 喜代子(16)
  • Lawrence Tsuyuki 露木 信彦(1)
  • Reiko Wada 和田 禮子
  • Takeshi Wada 和田 武士
  • Masako Wakuri 和栗 雅子(4)
  • Mark Leon Weeks (28)
  • Kano Yamamoto 山本 和(5)
  • Taro Yuasa 湯浅 太郎(4)

  • Misayoshi Ebato 江波戸 操吉(75G)
  • Tadahiro Fujimura 藤村 忠弘
  • Michio Hata 秦 道夫(7)
  • Saneteru Hirose 広瀬 実輝(4)
  • Takeo Iguchi 井口 武夫
  • Suketomo Iida 飯田 助知(4)
  • Yasuo Ikeshiro 池城 康朗(4)
  • Sachiko Inukai 犬飼 佐智子(4)
  • Shinnya Izumi 泉 信也(9)
  • Masakata Kanazawa 金澤 正剛(1)
  • Hisako Kashiwagi 柏木 久子(4)
  • Eiji Katsuyama 勝山 英司(4)
  • Goichi Kitsukawa 橘川 剛一(2)
  • Hiroshi Kobayashi 小林 弘(4)
  • Yasunobu Kobayashi 小林 康修
  • Shizuka Komori 小森 静(4)
  • Brian Kubo 久保 行夫(3)
  • Masako Kuriyama 栗山 昌子(3)
  • Ken Matsudaira 松平 健
  • Takako Miyazaki 宮崎 貴子(24)
  • Masayoshi Morimoto 森本 昌義
  • Toshihiro Naito 内藤 順敬(2)
  • Nobuko Ninomiya 二宮 信子
  • Toshikazu Odajima 小田嶋 寿一(4)
  • Sadako Ogata 緒方 貞子
  • Yoko Oka 岡 洋子(1)
  • Haruko Ooguchi 大口 晴子(4)
  • Akira Oshikawa 押川 昭(1)
  • Yasuyuki Owada 大和田 康之(1)
  • Goki Saito 斉藤 剛毅(4)
  • Koichiro Sakai 酒井 綱一郎(25)
  • Osamu Sasaki 佐々木 修(4)
  • Kazuko Shimizu 清水 和子(12)
  • Sachiko Sunago 砂子 幸子(4)
  • Toshiko Suzuki 鈴木 トシ子(4)
  • Tomoko Takahashi 高橋 知子(21)
  • Shinichi Tanaka 田中 愼一
  • Masako Tilley Tilley 正子
  • Ryuichi Tsuchiya 土屋 隆一(7)
  • Masaaki Uchiyama 内山 正明(4)
  • Shigeo Wada 和田 重雄
  • Yukio Wada 和田 幸男
  • Machiko Watanabe 渡辺 待子(4)
  • Akira Yamamato 山本 晃(4)
  • Kiyofumi Yuasa 湯浅 清文(5)
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Sadami (Chris) Wada 和田貞實
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