509 June and Ben Duke

Dr. and Mrs. Duke arrived at ICU in December of 1959 when he joined the faculty of education under a three-year contract immediately after receiving the PhD from Penn State University. What was intended as a short-term commitment to ICU turned into a career culminating with their memoirs entitled MT. FUJI FROM OUR WINDOW: A FORTY-YEAR ADVENTURE AT THE INTERNATIONAL CHRISTIAN UNIVERSITY. They brought up three children on the ICU campus who received their basic education at Osawadai Elementary School. Dr. Duke served as Chair of the ICU Faculty Meeting for nine years and Chair of the Graduate Division of Education for eight years. He was the founder and first chair of the ICU Campus Environment Committee and founder of the ICU International Forest. His major research resulted in the publication of THE HISTORY OF MODERN JAPANESE EDUCATION: CONSTRUCTING THE NATIONAL SCHOOL SYSTEM 1872-1880.
  • June and Ben Duke

Open House for Students at the Duke Campus residence
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