601 Goto-McCagg

The Goto-McCagg room is meant to honor Yoshio Goto of Ichinomiya Japan and Peter King McCagg of Fort Myers Florida. Apart from fighting for their countries, neither man-one American, the other Japanese--had ever been abroad, yet each recognized the value in providing international experiences for their children, and both welcomed foreign students into their homes. Neither man played a direct role in ICU's history, but the wars they fought in taught them what the founders of ICU knew: War is not the answer. Instead, by providing opportunities for young people to experience foreign people and places in supportive environments like ICU, they hoped the world would become a more harmonious place. We owe our own histories at ICU to these men whose actions in Lions International brought us together.

We hope that by helping ICU provide accommodation for international students and visiting scholars, the university will be better able to live up to its ideals and further its mission.
  • Peter & Yukari McCagg
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