602 Keiji and Motoko Oishi

Keiji Oishi (April 29, 1907 - September 13, 1992) graduated from Waseda University and joined the Oji Paper Company. He was soon sent to Hong Kong where he had his first experience with non-Japanese people which triggered a life-long interest in bringing people of various nationalities together.

Motoko Oishi (September 9, 1912 - February 20, 2006) attended Nihon Joshidai for two years before her marriage to Keiji Oishi. They had two daughters who would graduate from ICU. Both girls attended Christian preschool, St. Margaret's Episcopal High School in Tokyo and then ICU. Sachiko graduated in 1960 and Noriko in 1962.

In early 1961, Mr. and Mrs. Oishi invited Delores (Dee) Kinney, a Junior Year Abroad student from Macalester College in Minnesota, to live in their home as Noriko was moving to the dormitory at ICU. This decision had a profound effect on four generations of the two families. Delores's parents visited the Oishis in Japan on several occasions and Mr. and Mrs. Oishi spent time in Minnesota. Mrs. Oishi later visited Delores, her husband Jon Roeder, and their family in New Jersey. Some years later Sachiko met Delores and Jon's grandchildren back in Minnesota. A highlight of the growing-up years of the third generation was time spent together in the Oishi home in Kichijoji in 1978.

In September, 2010, both Sachiko and Noriko remarked that being affiliated with ICU and its Christian and international aspects had a great influence on the Oishi's lives. Certainly their willingness to accept ICU students into their home as family members had a positive influence on many.

It is with a great deal of fondness and gratitude that we name this room in honor of Keiji and Motoko Oishi.
  • Jon A. and Delores J. Roeder
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