Anna Louise Lindbeck was born on October 18, 1916 in Loyang, China to John Walter and Magdalena Hallquist Lindbeck, who served as Augustana Lutheran missionaries in China from 1910/1912 to 1948. Louise graduated in 1934 from the American School in Kikungshan where she completed both her primary and secondary school education. She earned an R.N. degree from the Swedish Hospital in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1938 and a B.A. degree in 1941 from Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, Minnesota. Upon graduation, she became the supervising nurse of the Dermatology Department of the University of Minnesota Hospital. In 1942, she married David Luther Vikner, who was also a child of Augustana Lutheran missionaries. They had been childhood friends and high school sweethearts at the American School in Kikungshan.

After the Second World War, David returned to China in 1946 as a missionary himself. Louise, along with two year old David and nine month old Margaret (Peggy) followed later. These years were rewarding, but also difficult because of the constant necessity to move as a result of the civil war in China. The family remained until the Communist Party took control of China in 1949. Then, in 1950, the Vikner family, which now included another child, Paul, went to Japan with the Augustana Lutheran Church. While in Tokyo, for three years, Louise studied the Japanese language, history and culture. She also took classes in Japanese cooking, flower arranging, preparing a tea ceremony and dressing in the traditional kimono style. Furthermore, she graciously hosted many mission meetings, dinners and overseas guests. During the family’s subsequent five years in Hiroshima, Louise home-schooled Peggy and Paul, until Peggy joined her brother, David, at a boarding school, Canadian Academy, in Kobe. In Hiroshima, Louise, once again, cordially hosted mission gatherings and community events.

In 1958, the family returned to the United States. Between 1958 and 1982, Louise and David lived in the New York metropolitan area where David held a number of executive positions in the area of world missions. During these years, Louise was an active volunteer in the community and in the church. Furthermore, as a natural, tender and loving caregiver, she served for several years as a greatly appreciated patient representative at St. Luke’s Hospital in New York City.

In 1982, Louise and David retired in Wilmette, Illinois close to their daughter Peggy’s family, which by that time included four young children. Louise and David also spent a good deal of time with their three other grandchildren, while David taught on a part-time basis at the Lutheran Theological Seminary in Chicago. Once again, Louise became active in her church and community. In addition, she embraced her role as Grandmother with such joy and satisfaction that each and every one of her grandchildren will forever hold a special place in their heart for their loving Grandma Vikner.

Louise Lindbeck Vikner died on September 9, 1994 in Wilmette, Illinois leaving behind her next of kin:
David L. Vikner, her beloved husband
Her children, their spouses and her grandchildren:
David, MA Lin, Louisa and Davy (born in December, 1994)
Peggy, Joel Johnson, Matthew, Erik, John and Lisa
Paul, Sally Bowden, Mark and Sarah
John M.H. Lindbeck, brother (deceased)
Alice Lindbeck Gottneid, sister
George A. Lindbeck, brother

Louise’s memory will live on through the many lives that she touched and, now, may all who visit and find rest in this room remember Louise as well-a good human being who believed in the power of love.

Beareth all things,
Believeth all things,
Hopeth all things,
Endureth all things,
I Corinthians 13: 7-8
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Louise Lindbeck Vikner in front of the Honkan during a visit to ICU's new campus in 1952.
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