Learning Japanese

Learning Japanese language is fun and exciting. To make a good start, it is essential that you 1) are motivated, 2) stick with it and 3) give it a go trying Japanese.

The following are some websites to help learn Japanese.

I. If you are a novice to Japanese language, go to these sites. You are required to have mastered the basic script Hiragana before starting Japanese courses at ICU.

→ Introduction to Japanese https://a1.marugotoweb.jp/ja/introduction.php#japan_knowledge
→ Training – Hiragana https://a1.marugotoweb.jp/ja/hiragana.php
→ Training - Katakana https://a1.marugotoweb.jp/ja/katakana.php

II. If you are already a learner/speaker of Japanese, “NIHONGO e-な” (Portal for Learning Japanese) provided by the Japan Foundation offers various useful websites for learning Japanese.

→ Portal for Learning Japanese NIHONGO e-な http://nihongo-e-na.com/

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