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Donate and Enjoy Anniversary CDs of the ICU Pipe Organ

Rieger-Organ, the pipe organ in the ICU chapel, has always been at the center of ICU spirit. Sacred Music Centre would like to express a deep gratitude for those who have warmly supported the organ and it's music until today. Donations for further development of the organ music performance at ICU will be greatly appreciated. Upon your donation, the anniversary CD(s) will be given as below.


-JPY 1,000 : The World of ICU Organs I (40th Anniversary CD) *

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*If you already have one, you can choose one of 30th/50th anniversary CDs. Please specify the CD you request in the Notes of Donation Submission Form.


-JPY 2,000+: By a donation of JPY 2000, you can add a CD (either 30th/50th anniversay CDs) to the above. With the donation of 3000+, you can request all 3 CDs.

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Please specify the number and the titles of CDs you request in the Notes of Donation Submission Form.


The World of ICU Organs I (40th Anniversary CD)

The year 2010 marked the 40th anniversary of the Rieger-Organ in the University Chapel. In celebration of the anniversary, the Sacred Music Center (SMC) produced a CD featuring performance by the three university organists, namely, Tetsuya Kan, Mamiko Iwasaki, and Megumi Tokuoka. The sound of the Mori Arimasa Memorial Organ located in the SMC, 4th Floor of the Honkan, was also included.

The ICU Rieger Organ: The 30th Anniversary
ICU 50th Anniversary Celebration



1. At the donation site, please select "Promotion of Organ Music and Organ Music Education" in the drop-down list of "Areas your donation will support".

2. Your private information will be shared with Advancement Office, the department at which ICU deals with donations. CDs will be sent from SMC, but the accounting documents will be sent from the Advancement Office.

3. If you want to stay anonymous, please write so. Your name will not be on the List of Donors of The ICU, the university magazine issued biannually.

For more information, please contact SMC.