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 Organ Concert 2020 Spring


April 11 (Sat)

   This concert has been cancelled

         An  Anna


Momijizaka Church / J. F. Oberlin Univrsity and Affiliated Schools



May 9 (Sat)

   This concert has been cancelled

         Mayu  Harada


 Mention Spéciale at the Concours International   d’Orgue André Marchal - Gaston Litaize / (Expected   to be an organist) in residence of Tokorozawa Civic   Cultural Centre MUSE



Sacred Music Center is closed during April 1 - May 6 due to COVID-19 pandemic. For urgent matters, please contact

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Free Resources of the Sacred Music Centre

Following materials and records are distributed for free upon request. Please contact SMC for details.
- Booklets of historical open lectures (1996-2009, 4 volumes, in Japanese)
- Phonograph records of the Tenth Anniversary Recital (Organist: Yuko Hayashi)

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