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Open Lecture

Literature as Modern Buddhism
- Christianity and Shinran -
  December 6 (Fri) 18:00 Ayako Osawa 

  Otani University
  The Shin Buddhist Comprehensive
  Research Institute

Christmas Concert 2019

        Swiss Christmas

  December 7 (Sat) 15:00 @ICU Chapel

Yodel mass and Swiss musical performance with the local instruments including the alphorn and panflute. Featuring Marie-Therese von Gunten (Swiss composer & yodeller) and other musicians from Swiss .


Messiah Project: Interested in singing in a chorus at ICU Chapel?

We are planning to perform Messiah at the Christmas Concert 2020 (click here for the details).
If you're interested in joining the choir (formed exclusively for this project), please click here

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Free Resources of the Sacred Music Centre

Following materials and records are distributed for free upon request. Please contact SMC for details.
- Booklets of historical open lectures (1996-2009, 4 volumes, in Japanese)
- Phonograph records of the Tenth Anniversary Recital (Organist: Yuko Hayashi)

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