ICU Hachiro Yuasa Memorial Museum

10-2, Osawa 3-chome, Mitaka-shi, Tokyo  181-8585
TEL: 0422-33-3340 / FAX:0422-33-3485

HOURS 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (closes at 4:30 p.m. on Saturday)
CLOSED Sunday, Monday, national holidays and special days when the University offices are closed
ADMISSION FREE Please inform us when a group of more than twenty is expected to come.
DIRECTIONS Take the Chuo Line to either Mitaka or Musashisakai Station, exit south side and board the bus marked for ICU. From Musashisakai, it is a ten minute taxi ride.

Please note that the Museum will be open on October 30 (Sun) for the ICU Festival from 12:00 - 16:00.

FOLK ART Tamba cloth, tsutsugaki bedding fabrics, paper stencils, chests, cake molds, hearth hangers, portable lanterns, oil plates, soba cups, hand mirrors.

Hanten Coat and
Wheeled Chest
ARCHAEOLOGY Reconstructed stone floor, cross-section of Kanto Loam, Preceramic and Jomon artifacts, Jomon pottery excavated from ICU Loc. 7, pit-dwelling No. 2.

Katsusaka Type Jomon Pots,
Middle Jomon


The ICU Hachiro Yuasa Memorial Museum was opened in June, 1982. It was built to commemorate the contribution made by the late Dr. Hachiro Yuasa to ICU, in particular his great effort in founding and nurturing the university through its first quarter of a century, and serving as its first president.

The main collection of the museum consists of folk art materials from Japan and other parts of the world assembled by Dr. Yuasa, some of the prehistoric materials excavated from the ICU campus, and other works of art and historical objects. One goal of the museum is to enrich the collections, and changes in exhibitions will include new acquisitions.


In the central part of the second floor, the museum organizes special exhibitions three times a year. Themes are taken from both Japanese folk art (mingei) and archaeological fields.

Mingei and Hachiro Yuasa
April 5 (Tue.) - July 1 (Fri.), 2005

Dr. Yuasa was the first president of ICU and also the president of the Kyoto Folk Art Association. This show will exhibit Umanome plates, Inban blue and white ceramics, Tamba cloths and other items collected by Dr. Yuasa.

An open lecture entitled "Hachiro Yuasa and the 20th Century" by Dr. Kiyoko Cho (Prof. Emeritus, ICU) will be held on May 28 (Sat) from 14:00 at the Museum Entrance Hall.  Admission is free, but reservation by phone is requested. Lecture will be in Japanese.

  Fisherman's coat

Ingenuity of Japanese Lunch Boxes
September 6 (Tue.) - November 19 (Sat.), 2005

This exhibition will feature lacquered lunch box sets and other portable items used by the Japanese for picnics and particular gatherings.

An open lecture entitled "Ingenuity of Japanese Lunch Boxes" by Prof. Hiroshi Kato (Director of Department of Restoration Techniques, National Research Institute for Cultural Properties, Tokyo) will be held at the Museum Entrance Hall from 14:00 to 15:30 on October 15, 2005.  Admission Free. Lecture will be in Japanese.

Portable Food Box: Design of Grape Vines and Squirrels in Makie

Children's Kimono and Bath Towels for the New Born Baby
January 10 (Tue.) - March 24 (Fri.), 2006

In the Izumo region, a special set of indigo-dyed "grandchild kit" is prepared by the mother's family for a new born baby. It consists of items such as baby towels, diapers and straps for piggybacking. This exhibition will introduce them together with children's kimono.

  Baby towel: design of auspicious symbols


Open lectures are held three times a year in the entrance hall. Speakers are university professors and specialists who deal with subjects related to the museum's exhibitions and its activities. Admission is free, all are welcome to attend.

PUBLICATIONS (as of April, 2004)

Spirit of Mingei, Life in Faith, Vision to the Youth
MUSEUM CATALOGS (bilingual, Japanese and English)
Guide to the Archaeology Exhibition; Japanese Paper Stencils; Cosmetic Articles: Japanese Mirrors and Teeth-blackening Utensils; Japanese Indigo Textiles; Hachiro Yuasa Memorial Museum FOLK ART COLLECTION, Indonesian Ikats from the Oda Collection, An Introduction to Japanese Archaeology and the Sites in the ICU Campus, Japanese Traditinal Design from the Museum Collection-KARAKUSA, Japanese Quilting: SASHIKO AND KOGIN, TSUBA - Japanese Sword Guards from the Ota Collection, Traditinal Design from the Museum Collection-GEOMETRIC PATTERNS AND DESIGN OF UTENSILS
OTHERS (bilingual, Japanese and English)
Annual Report of ICU Hachiro Yuasa Memorial Museum No.1 ~ No. 17
Henry D. Smith II (ed. Hachiro Yuasa Memorial Museum), Taizanso and the One-Mat Room.
J.Edward Kidder (ed. Hachiro Yuasa Memorial Museum), THE  LUCKY SEVENTH: Early Horyu-ji and Its Time (Engllish)

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