Providing information to equip students for a proactive approach tocareer consultations

■Consulting written information
At the Placement Office, you can consult the following kinds of written information.

Information that can be freely accessed in the Information Corner

1. Job advertisements
Job advertisements received from companies or other organizations in paper format are filed in folders categorized by industry, in the order that they were received. We also receive a lot of information on job vacancies through the job vacancy information distribution system .Kyaritasu (Career+) UC. Such information can be accessed via the ICU portal site.

2. Company files
The company files contain company brochures and other such information provided to us along with job advertisements.

3. Information on internships
Information that has been provided to the university on internships is also filed in the Information Corner. Some information may also be accessed via Kyaritasu (Career+) UC. Please also note that here at ICU, students who wish to participate in internships—aside from programs at certain public agencies—are expected to make such arrangements independently. Students who wish to take part in an internship program should gather information themselves and take responsibility for all procedures involved in applying and participating in their chosen program. Click here for more details (only in Japanese).

4. Student and graduate accounts of job-hunting or arranging further study and advice to students considering their career options
We also gather accounts from students and graduates on the steps they followed to find employment or arrange further study. These hand-written reports are valuable sources of information on the actual experiences of fellow students and graduates. They contain information that can be very useful to students who are currently job hunting, such as companies’ recruitment selection schedules and the content of recruitment tests.
Advice to students considering their career options written by graduates who graduated in AY 2012 or after is available on the ICU portal site.

5. Job hunting-related books and magazines
The Placement Office works with the ICU Library to provide books and magazines specifically related to job hunting, such as books containing advice on interviews and written tests, reference materials for researching specific industries, and other kinds of business-related materials. These materials can be borrowed by students who have registered their career preferences. Each registered student may borrow up to three books at one time, for a period of up to one week.

6. Other materials
The Placement Office has a subscription to the Nihon Keizai Shimbun newspaper(in Japanese; other newspapers, including English-language newspapers, can be easily accessed at the university library). We also display leaflets and other such information published by companies and other organizations providing information on careers and employment (updated as new materials are received). You are also welcome to use materials from previous events held within the university and information on acquiring qualifications, should you need them.

*See the Placement Office e-newsletter (Japanese language only) for details on new job hunting-related books and magazines or other such materials (items 5 and 6 above).

Materials available on request at the office counter *Only available to students who have registered their career preferences.

The following materials may be used by students who have registered their career preferences. To use the materials, registered students are asked to fill in the prescribed form and show their student ID card. As these materials contain personal information, it is strictly forbidden to use them for unauthorized purposes, make copies, or take photographs. For the same reason, we do not disclose such information by phone or e-mail.

1. Alumni Search System
Students who have registered their career preferences may use the computers in the Information Corner at the Placement Office to access a list of information on alumni whom they can consult for advice on employment. In addition to the lists of ICU graduates provided by companies, there is also information available on alumni known as “Career Supporters”—graduates who have volunteered to assist students currently considering their career options.

2. Student Career Advisor Profiles
Under the Student Career Advisor system, fourth-year students who have finalized their career plans for after graduation act as advisors to assist students starting to consider their future options. Registered students may access the profiles available on file and contact the advisors they wish to consult. This system can only be used from October until March of the same academic year (until the advisors graduate).

The ICU Library is also a great source of information for job hunting

As well as providing the materials that students need for their daily studies, the ICU Library is also a great source of information to assist in job hunting. In addition to its selection of Japanese newspapers, the library also has subscriptions for newspapers published in English, including The Nikkei Weekly, Japan Times, International Herald Tribune/The Asahi Shimbun, and Mainichi Daily News. Students can also access the Nikkei Telecon 21, a database providing data on 30,000 major listed or non-listed companies across Japan(only in Japanese), via the ICU Library homepage, from any location.
The ICU Library also has various books on careers and job-hunting(only in Japanese), and materials such as Gaishi-keiKigyōSōran(A Comprehensive Directory of Foreign-Affiliated Companies in Japan) and KaigaiShinshutsuKigyōSōran(A Comprehensive Directory of Japanese Companies Overseas) (both published by Toyo Keizai Inc.), as well as ZenkokuKakushuDantaiMeikan(Directory of Organizations Across Japan) (Tokyo-to KakushuDantaiRengōkai, ed.). Used alongside the support provided by the Placement Office, the library’s resources allow students to gather information all the more effectively.