Responding to various inquiries regarding jobhunting

The staff at the Placement Office are always prepared to assist with inquiries regarding employment. If you have a concern - no matter how trivial it may seem - please feel free to come and ask for advice. For students who have registered their career preferences, we also offer individual consultations by appointment to ensure that we can properly address their queries. Each appointment generally lasts 40 minutes. You can apply for an appointment as and when you need it, to cover whichever area you need assistance with, such as checking your CV or application forms or practicing for interviews. Aside from urgent cases, we ask students to book such appointments in advance. Where possible, please ensure that you apply for an appointment several days in advance. Appointments can be made via e-mail or using the forms available at the Placement Office.

●Placement Office contact information and office hours

Dialogue House (Ground floor), 3-10-2, Osawa, Mitaka-shi, Tokyo 181-8585,Japan

[Office hours:]
 Mon.-Fri., 9:30-16:30 (Excluding lunchtimes, 12:00-12:50)

  Satoshi Inada (Manager)
  Toshiya Shiraishi
  Rie Yamamoto
  Yuko Akutagawa
  Midori Takahashi-Clubbe

Tel:0422-33-3067 Fax:0422-33-3751 e-mail: