Notice to students who have finalized their future employment or other post-graduation plans/students due to graduate or complete their cours

All undergraduate and graduate students enrolled at the undergraduate college or graduate school of ICU are required to inform the university of their post-graduation plans before graduating or completing their course. We request that all students assist us by providing such information of their plans—regardless of whether they are planning to enter employment, pursue further study, or follow another path—because the university is under obligation to report the post-graduation plans of all graduates as part of the GakkōKihonChōsa (Basic Survey on Schools) conducted annually by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. Please promptly inform us of your plans once you have finalized them, or once your graduation has been fixed. Information on how to do so is provided below.

Please also note that if you do not inform us of your plans, we will contact you by phone or other means to follow up with you after graduation. Furthermore, the personal information that you provide will be appropriately handled in accordance with the Privacy Policy set out by ICU.

Students due to graduate/complete their course (mandatory): → Click here to inform us of your post-graduation plans
Please complete the form to inform us of your plans for after graduation or completing your course. This may include plans such as employment, further study, acquiring a qualification, or a part-time job. We also request students to assist us by registering as Career Supporters (alumni who provide current students with support for choosing a career or finding employment).

*Students who are still looking for employment or preparing for other goals are also required to report their situation at the time of graduation.

Students who have finalized their future employment or further study (optional): → Click here to provide your account of job-hunting or arranging further study

We request students who have finalized their future employment or further study to provide information that will be helpful for students currently considering their options. If you are planning to enter employment, this may include information on the steps to receiving your job offer (process leading up to the offer, number, content and timing of interviews, and content of written tests, etc.). If you are planning to pursue further study, this may include details of the admissions process (timing of examinations, how you prepared, and what was covered, etc.). We would be very grateful for your assistance in providing these valuable sources of information for students starting to consider their career paths.