Registering career preferences(For undergraduate students in the third year or above and master’s students in the first year or above, regardless of what time of year you matriculated)

When considering your options for your career after graduation, please submit a Career Preference Card to the Placement Office. Both students looking for employment at companies and organizations or as teachers or civil servants, and students considering employment alongside further study must register their potential career options using the prescribed card and within the dates specified below. This provides us with a basis on which to assist you with queries and provide you with information to help you in looking for employment. The card is only used by the Placement Office, and we will not disclose its contents to people outside the Placement Office without your permission.
(Please note that as the registration of career preferences involves handling personal information, we generally only take registrations from students who are job hunting in the same academic year.) Students who are departing for overseas exchange or study abroad programs should make a tentative registration before leaving, and a formal registration after returning to Japan.

Period for submitting Career Preference Cards:
We currently accept registrations at any time.

※提出場所は、ICU Portal、就職相談グループ掲示スペースならびに学内掲示板にて各自確認をしてください。

Support available to students who have registered their career preferences

■Receiving the Placement Office e-newsletter(only in Japanese)
 The e-newsletter covers valuable information for job hunters, including job vacancy information provided to the university, as well as information on job openings and seminars particularly aimed at ICU students.
■Access to the Alumni Search System(only in Japanese).
■Individual consultation sessions on appointment (each session is around 40 minutes)
■Permission to borrow books from the Information Corner.
 Each student may borrow up to three books at one time. Books can be borrowed for up to one week.