Information for students applying to internships for which applications must be gathered and submitted by the university

If you wish to apply for one of the internships for which it is necessary for the university to gather and submit applications together, such as an internship at a government ministry or agency, you will need to submit your application by the internal deadline and at the location given below. Please check the details with the Placement Office well in advance.

  1. Internal deadline: 16:30 ten days before the application deadline set by the organization holding the internship
    For instance, when the government ministry or agency deadline is July 11, applications need to be submitted to the Placement Office by 16:30 on July 1 
     *When that date falls on aweekend or other day when the office is closed, the actual internal deadline will be the last day on which the office is open prior to that date.
  2. Where to submit your application: Placement Office

*The Placement Office does not provide information on the application deadlines for each internship. Please check them yourself on the websites of the organizations holding the internships.
*We cannot accept applications once the internal deadline has passed, due to the time required for the university to prepare the applications for submission.

*Click here for more details(in Japanese).