Career development support events

The Placement Office offers career development support for students in all year groups (click here for information on past events). The objectives of such support are as follows:

  1. To give students an accurate picture of what "working" means and how society functions;
  2. To help students understand their industries of choice based on accurate information, not on preconceptions or stereotypical images;
  3. To give students a clear idea of how they can use their university studies in the real world, motivating them to reaffirm and apply their own experience of learning and campus life.

The events include a guidance session on internships and seminars on careers in the civil service, working for international organizations, careers in teaching, and careers at foreign-affiliated companies, as well asa week of events known as “Career Design Week.” They are each held in the same semesters each academic year. We encourage students to plan to participate in some of these events at some point during their time at ICU.

Students applying to become civil servants or for other such professionsmay particularlyneed time to prepare for recruitment tests. If this applies to you, you should try to attend a relevant seminar as early as possible, and work on pursuing your career path options based on your own judgement, considering factors such as how much you might need to prepare, and when you should start making such preparations.

To present the seminars, we invite people from both in and outside the university who are well-informed and highly-knowledgeable about the topic concerned. In some cases, alumni who are pursuing careers in the relevant field andsenior students who have finalized their career path also participate to report on their experiences.

For information on the events, please check the ICU Portal, the noticeboard at the Placement Office, and the noticeboards around campus, etc.