Using the Placement Office after graduation

Graduates—principally those who have graduated without finding employment or finalizing their career plans for other such reasons—may continue to use the Placement Office after graduation. Such graduates who wish to use the office are asked to reregister their career preferences, in the same way as they did while they were a student. You need a photo of yourself (3cm x 4cm) for registering your career preferences.

Job vacancy information sent to the university can be accessed via the job vacancy information distribution system, ICU Career Navi. When you register your career preferences, we will issue you with the user ID and password you need to login to the system. However, please note that you will generally only be able to access information aimed at new graduates.

Of the services provided to those who have registered their career preferences, in the case of individual consultations by appointment, current students are given priority when arranging consultations. Graduates who are pursuing further studies at a different graduate school or other such institution are particularly requested to use the career support services provided at their current institution. Graduates who are enrolled atan institution overseas or not currently enrolled at an institution should consult us individually.

We also request that when you have finalized your career plans, you register as a Career Supporter. This will also provide us with an update on your plans.