Career support at ICU

At ICU, the entire university contributes to supporting students’ career development.

ICU believes that all self-motivated learning and experience at university contributes to students’ careers after graduation. In exploring the potential directions and possibilities for their career paths, students are offered support from a variety of perspectives, including assistance from faculty, staff, and all other members of the ICU community. Drawing on such a network, ICU provides comprehensive career support in two main forms: career development support aimed at students in all year groups, and job-hunting support aimed at students in the process of job hunting.

Rather than focusing on fulfilling a target employment rate or other such benchmark, the Placement Office’s principal aim in providing such support is to respect the independence of each student and to provide effective information for the process of job hunting and appropriate support suited to the diverse range of needs, thereby ensuring that students are able to make career decisions that they can feel satisfied with. In providing group support, our objective is to provide hints to help students to obtain accurate information that will allow them to take an independent approach to selecting their future careers and employment, as opposed to simply instructing them what steps to take or what knowledge or skills they need. We also hold events aimed at helping students to strive to develop the ability to tackle the demands of global society.

As ICU places top priority on academic studies, career support events held during semesters are only held in the 70-minute period set aside for such events each Tuesday. In addition to those events, the ICU Career Design Week (a career development support event) and ICU Placement Week (an on-campus event including job-hunting related seminars and lectures and a job fair with around 115 participating organizations) are held in the vacations between semesters or on other such days without classes.

To provide individualized support for students, we also offer individual consultations on request, with the focus on ensuring that students keep exploring their career choices until they have made a decision they feel satisfied with. We also provide other means of assistance—such as the Placement Office e-newsletter, which covers information on job vacancies and companies—to help to ensure that we offer the kind of thorough and individual support that is characteristic of the university’s focus on small-group education.