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Re: After Graduation

When looking for work in Japan after graduation:

Please talk with prospective employers to make sure they can support your eligibility for a visa.

If you continue job hunting in Japan after graduation:

Getting a recommendation letter to change your visa status:

If you want to continue looking for a job in Japan after graduation you have to change your visa status from a student visa to “designated activities” status (特定活動(継続就職活動)). To do this, you must already have started job hunting while still a student. In this case, ICU can provide a recommendation letter, which is one of the documents you will need to change your visa status.

ICU only provides this recommendation letter to degree students who graduate from ICU. (Non-degree students, exchange students, and research students are not eligible.)

Issuing the recommendation letter takes about 1 week after we have received the necessary documents. The letter is issued after it has been confirmed that you will graduate or finish your program. There may be some cases where additional time is required to issue the letter or the letter cannot be issued. Please leave plenty of time to receive your letter and speak with the Placement Group well in advance.

For details about changing your visa status, please speak with the Student Affairs Group or the Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau.

学生グループ / Student Affairs Group
入国管理局 / Immigration Bureau of Japan