Project Overview

Ⅰ. アカデミック・プログラム Ⅰ. Academic Program


"Dialogue" is essential for liberal arts education.

1.「対話(Dialogue)」の推進 1. Promotion of "Dialogue"


Based on the theme "Dialogue," the 60th Anniversary Commemoration seeks to further enhance liberal arts education by focusing on five anniversary projects: "Dialogue with the Founders About our Mission," "Dialogue for Inter-disciplinary Exploration," "Dialogue Between Faculty and Students Realized Through Small Classes," "Dialogue Between Cultures and Religions," and "Dialogue with East Asian Countries."

5つのフォーカスAbout five focuses

  1. 大学の使命・創業者との時空間を超えた“対話”Dialogue with the founders
  2. 分野間の“対話”Dialogue for cross-disciplinary exploration
  3. 少人数教育における教員・学生間の“対話”Dialogue in the ICU community
  4. 文明間・宗教間の“対話”Dialogue between cultures and religions
  5. 東アジアにおける“対話”Dialogue with East Asian countries

2. 献学60周年記念教授職 2. Establishment of the 60th Anniversary Professorship

宮川繁教授(マサチューセッツ工科大学(MIT)言語学教授、MIT 高知県・ジョン万次郎日本語日本文化講座教授)とウィリアム・スティール教授(国際基督教大学教養学部歴史学教授)を献学60周年記念教授として招聘しました。献学60周年記念教授は、キャンパスに居住し、一般教育科目、専攻科目を担当しました。

ICU appointed prominent teacher-scholars from the international community to live on campus, teach general education and specialized courses in the five areas listed above and others.

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3. 国際交流プログラムのさらなる充実 3. Enhance international exchange programs



(3)2014年に国境を越えてリベラルアーツ教育を推進することを目的とする Global Liberal Arts Alliance に加盟、

(1) Promote high-quality international academic exchange at the student, faculty and staff levels by building upon our longstanding institutional links
     with the University of California and Middlebury College and other institutions.

(2) Share our strengths in research with business persons expected to be global leaders in the international workforce by offering an intensive
     summer program called GLS that runs in July.

(3) In 2014, ICU joined the Global Liberal Arts Alliance, a transnational partnership of institutions to strengthen education in the liberal arts and sciences,
     and has been collaborating with 30 or more member colleges and universities to enhance curriculum development, student support and faculty

II. 施設及びキャンパス環境整備
Ⅱ. Promoting the refurbishment of facilities and
improvement of the campus environment


ICU took steps to continue improving its educational facilities, including those that were built over half a century ago, in order to effectively carry out creative forms of higher education appropriate to the times. In accordance with its "Environmental Declaration", ICU also made efforts to conserve the wonderful natural environment of its expansive campus, widely viewed as a true blessing.

1.キャンパス・教育環境の改善 1. Improvements of Campus and Educational Environment


We have preserved the abundant nature on our spacious campus, maintained to this day as a naturally endowed asset, through the Sakura Regeneration Project.

2. Construction and use of the international dormitories (Zelkova, Gingko and Oak Houses), Kiyoshi Togasaki Memorial Dialogue House, and the Dining Hall


These facilities serve to improve student services and provide a forum for dialogue between students and faculty. The international conference room in Dialogue House will be used for academic meetings and research presentations, as a place for scholars to meet and exchange ideas.

3.キャンパス・マスタープランの作成 3.Compiling the Campus Master Plan


In 2007, ICU established guidelines for the use of its campus in its Environment Declaration with a zoning plan designating use of various areas. The Campus Master Plan will supplement this design to harmonize the need for preservation of the natural environment and use for academic needs with general principles for the long term.

III.アドヴァンスメントの推進 Ⅲ. Promotion of Advancement


We promoted further exchange between the university and alumni and parents of students by holding the Homecoming event, meetings with donors, and organizing donations for particular events. By establishing the ICU Sakura Fund and Used Book Sale, we were able to enlist more contributors. 15.1% of alumni contributed to the 60th Anniversary Fund.

1. 記念募金 1. Memorial Fund

記念事業期間中に以下の使途で記念募金を募集しました。記念募金には、Friends of ICU や在校生保護者からの教育研究資金等、および JICUF からの寄付も含められました。

During the 60th Anniversary Commemoration Period, we collected donations for the following objectives. These include those contributed by students’ parents to the Education and Research Fund and that from JICUF.

キャンパス・教育環境の改善Improvements to Its Campus and Educational Environment 募金目標額:19億円 Campaign target : JPY 1,900 million
給付奨学金制度の充実Development of Financial Aid 募金目標額:15億円 Campaign target : JPY 1,500 million
アカデミック・プログラムの充実Development of Academic Programs 募金目標額:  2億円 Campaign target : JPY   200 million
  募金目標額:36億円 Campaign target : JPY 3,600 million
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2. 記念イベント 2. Anniversary Events


Various events were successfully held such as lectures related to the academic program, presentations and alumni homecoming.

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3. 新広報戦略の展開 3. New Strategy in Public Relations


We significantly expanded the University’s PR activities by integrating fund-raising efforts directed towards alumni and students’ parents. We featured alumni active in various fields in the university magazine, "The ICU", and also asked them to speak and meet with students on campus.