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Placement Group's Student Support Policy

The Placement Group provides support for all students of ICU’s regular curriculum. This support is provided equally to all such students in the areas of:

  1. providing information primarily to enable action on students’ choices following graduation,
  2. providing advice regarding post-graduate employment and holding seminars of various types, and
  3. responding to various requests for information regarding job-hunting activities.

The Placement Group holds events and provides information regardless of students’ nationality or when they entered ICU (i.e., April entrants, September entrants). If the heading applies to you, we invite you to be proactive in making use of the event. While some students have a fixed set of needs, there are also others, each with individual needs when making choices about what to do after graduation. In particular, when students need the understanding and cooperation of the people around them, the Placement Group seeks first to understand firmly each student’s circumstances and direction and then work with them to consider how to move forward in collecting information, planning responses and going about job-hunting activities.

We hope you will make effective use of the Placement Group anytime you are unsure or have a question about your plans after graduation.

Event listings and data on post-graduate activities are for past events and data. When looking for events you can participate in or reference statistics on post-graduate activities, please check for the latest information on the ICU portal site, billboards, Placement Group office and website, and email newsletter for students registered as conducting job-hunting activities.