MIIS Accelerated Entry Program

ミドルベリー大学(アメリカ)とICUとの交換留学協定に基づく留学プログラムで、MIIS(Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey)の修士課程で学びます。

ICU has introduced the Accelerated Entry Program with the graduate school of Middlebury College, the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey (MIIS).
The program allows students to earn a bachelor's degree from ICU and earn a master's degree from MIIS is a total of approximately five years.


ICU will accept applications for the areas of study listed below:

  • Translation, Translation and Interpretation, Conference Interpretation (TI)
    Translation and Localization Management (TLM)
  • Graduate School of International Policy and Management (GSIPM)
    International Environmental Policy
    Nonproliferation and Terrorism Studies
※MIISのカリキュラム変更に伴い、2022年度募集からInternational Policy and Development (IPD) およびMaster of Public Administration (MPA)のプログラムについて、学内募集を中止いたします。
*Due to MIIS curricular change, ICU will suspend ICU internal application for International Policy and Development (IPD) and Master of Public Administration (MPA) from AY2022.

Application Procedures

【Application Handbook】<For September Entrants>
Application Procedures for April entrants will be available around March 2023. The previous Application Procedures (already been closed) can be viewed here.

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