MIIS Accelerated Entry Program

ミドルベリー大学(アメリカ)とICUとの交換留学協定に基づく留学プログラムで、MIIS(Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey)の修士課程で学びます。

ICU has introduced the Accelerated Entry Program with the graduate school of Middlebury College, the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey (MIIS).
The program allows students to earn a bachelor's degree from ICU and earn a master's degree from MIIS is a total of approximately five years.

ICU will accept applications for the areas of study listed below:

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※学内説明会への参加、資料閲覧にはICU Net IDが必要です。
*ICU Net ID is necessary to participate in the internal information sessions / view the materials of the sessions.


MIIS Accelerated Entry Programの参加者募集を開始します。


【11/5開催】MIIS Accelerated Entry Program紹介イベント

MIIS Accelerated Entry Programの説明会(Zoom)を下記日時で実施します。
詳細はICU Portalをご覧ください


【10/25-10/29開催】MIIS "Virtual Preview Days"

MIISが主催するオンラインイベントです。期間中複数のセッションが開催されます。Accelerated Entry Programに特化した内容ではありませんが、MIISの魅力を学ぶよい機会だと思いますので、興味のある方はぜひ参加してみてください。詳細は下記リンクをご覧ください。

MIIS Accelerated Entry Program application is now open. For those interested in applying, please follow the instruction provided on the 'Application Procedures'.

Join the MIIS information session below.

【Nov 5】MIIS Accelerated Entry Program Information Session

The international office is holding information sessions on the MIIS Accelerated Entry Program as below (via Zoom).
We have invited colleagues from MIIS to give ICU students detailed information on the program. There will also be a presentation by a senior student who is actually studying at MIIS.
For details, please check ICU Portal.

※Language: mainly English
※No prior registration required.

【Oct 25-29】MIIS "Virtual Preview Days"

This is an online event organized by MIIS. Multiple sessions will be held during the event. This is not specifically about MIIS Accelerated Entry Program, but will allow you to learn about MIIS. If you are interested, please sign up from the below link.
*Tokyo is 16 hours in PDT (17 hours in PST) ahead of Monterey.


ICUを通して応募するAccelerated Entry Programに特化した内容ではありませんが、MIISへの進学の魅力を学ぶよい機会だと思いますので、興味のある方はぜひチェックしてみてください。
MIIS is holding online sessions and you can find details on their website. These sessions are not specifically for Accelerated Entry Program, but will be a good opportunity to learn about the programs. If you are interested, please sign up from the link. * Tokyo is 16 hours in PDT (17 hours in PST) ahead of Monterey.