Registering job advertisements

Message from the Placement Office
We would like to express our sincere gratitude for theroles that you play in the recruitment of ICU students. Information onhow job advertisements are handled at the ICU Placement Office is provided below. We kindly request you to follow the steps described.

Registering job advertisements
■Since 2015, ICU has been accepting job advertisements via Kyaritasu(Career+) UC(previously known as UniCareer), a job vacancy information distribution system for educational institutions.* This ensures that the job vacancy information that you provide is available for ICU students to accessin real time. We therefore request that you register your job vacancy information by following the instructions given below.

*Kyaritasu(Career+) UC is an online system for distributing information on job vacancies (including information on related seminars) and information on internships to the job-hunting and career support offices ofnational, public, and private universities and junior colleges across Japan.(Only available in Japanese.)

  1. You do not need to send job advertisements to us in paper format.
  2. There is no charge for using the system. You can register to use the system at the Kyaritasu(Career+)UC website, which you can access by clicking on the banner to the left.
  3. We request that job vacancy information aimed at persons who have already graduated also be provided via Kyaritasu(Career+) UC.
  4. Please also provide advertisements on internship opportunities via the same system.

Contact information for inquiries on using Kyaritasu (Career+) UC
Contact information for inquiries on using Kyaritasu (Career+) UC
Tel: 0120-552-652 (Call 03-6635-6488 if you are unable to use toll-free numbers)
Office hours: 9:00-17:30 *Except DISCO’s designated holidays

■If your company has its own specific format for job advertisements, we can also accept job advertisements in paper format. However, please note that students will only be able to access such job advertisements by checkingthe fileskept at the ICU Placement Office.

Information materials about your company
■We kindly ask that you provide company brochures and a list of the ICU graduates at your company (with their full names, year and month of joining the company, and division ordepartment, etc.). These serve as valuable materials for ICU students looking for employment.

■If you wish to provide notices for display (such as notices of company information sessions, etc.), we politely request that you provide them in A4 size, due to the limited space available on the noticeboards.

Issue of references
■Please note that, as a general rule, ICU does not issue references to companies that recruit on the basis of direct applications (applications submitted directly by students).

Request for notifications of job offers and a list of ICU graduates employed at your company
■Wekindly request that when you make job offers to ICU students, you also send the ICU Placement Office a list of thosepersons who received job offers. We would also be grateful if you could assist us by providing a list of ICU graduates at your company.